Mechanical Engineering Design Workbench

GrafiCalc® is breakthrough software that helps users to solve a wide range of mechanical engineering design challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy while making informed decisions in real time.

GrafiCalc can be used standalone and in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

GrafiCalc Key benefits

  • Simulate "live" calculations GrafiCalc virtually eliminates tedious mathematical calculations and equations solving from the mechanical engineering design process.
  • Goal Seek exact geometry In GrafiCalc you can automatically “backsolve” design challenges that benefit from optimization against any shape, position, or fit related criteria.
  • Solve mechanism and machinery design challenges GrafiCalc can help you to simulate and solve virtually any imaginable design challenge involving planar motion.
  • Validate tolerances and producibility In GrafiCalc you can simulate the effect of manufacturing tolerances to mediate upfront between quality goals and process capabilities.
  • Leverage existing tools GrafiCalc supports Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol that enables you to bi-directionally link GrafiCalc with Excel. A two-way DXF translator is built within GrafiCalc that enables you to exchange geometry between GrafiCalc & all popular CAD applications. You can copy information in GrafiCalc and paste to Word and Outlook to create design reports and e-mails.
  • Reuse and share solution templates Intellectual property and validated "electronic" prototypes created in GrafiCalc can be reused and shared without re-inventing the wheel every time.
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User Success

"We used GrafiCalc in the conceptual design stage to develop the equations for linear motors that drive food-processing machinery. Information received from GrafiCalc immensely helped us to design the optimal machine using SolidWorks."

Robert Brandt
Technical Director
Eastern Instruments, USA

"As a consulting engineer using AutoDesk Inventor I find GrafiCalc an invaluable contributor to my practice providing machine design and product development services to clients. Anyone involved in tracking complex machine movement or forces or a myriad of other engineering tasks would enjoy a great advantage by employing the power of GrafiCalc."

Ralph Bennett
R. Bennett LLC, USA

"GrafiCalc has saved us considerable time in the modeling and optimization of the geometry used in our positive displacement machinery. What we used to do with geometric data from our CAD system and numerical data from our spreadsheet models is now entirely done within GrafiCalc at a fraction of the time that it used to take. Consider me a satisfied customer!"

Steve Chomyszak
Chief Engineer
Mechanology LLC. USA

"Excellent knowledge database, eLearning videos are great tools to understand GrafiCalc capabilities, email support is fast and precise. It's exciting to learn how much we can do."

Raymundo Pastrana
Consulting Mechanical Engineer
Puebla, Mexico

"GrafiCalc is like the Swiss Army Knife for engineers".

Alan Moss
Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant

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