GrafiCalc FAQ


How does GrafiCalc work?

In GrafiCalc you simply point-and-click to bi-directionally associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet to create a digital prototype that encapsulates the functional intents of your design challenge. Then you can interactively substitute design parameters in the digital prototype to ask and receive real-time design-decision-support information that helps you to find the optimal engineering solution at any stage of the product development process.

I use CAD for product design, how will GrafiCalc help me?

GrafiCalc was designed to complement all popular CAD applications - GrafiCalc includes a built-in 2-way DXF translator that enables you to exchange geometry between GrafiCalc and your CAD application. With GrafiCalc you can test and validate critical engineering parameters before committing to final design in CAD. Net results are significant reduction of "build-test-fix" design cycles.

I use mathematical calculations software for solving design challenges, why GrafiCalc is more efficient?

Geometry and calculations are inseparable when solving virtually any mechanical engineering design challenge. Yet, with mathematical software it is not possible to include geometry directly in calculations – you are obliged to use two separate applications, one to define geometry and the other for performing calculations. This is a disconnected error-prone process that inhibits innovation. In GrafiCalc you bi-directionally associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet - change in one updates the other automatically.

I use Excel for solving design challenges, how will GrafiCalc help me?

GrafiCalc supports Windows standard Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol that allows you to bi-directionally link Excel with GrafiCalc. This way you can setup graphical calculation macros in GrafiCalc to feed Excel calculations and conversely use Excel calculations to drive GrafiCalc geometry and calculations. Plus, in GrafiCalc, you can automatically collect transient values of data in a table format in the clipboard The data table can be pasted into Excel for instantaneous analysis.

How do I generate design reports from GrafiCalc?

You can print a drawing directly in GrafiCalc. You can also copy information including geometry and calculations in GrafiCalc and paste to any Microsoft Office application to generate professional quality e-mails and design reports.

How long does it take to learn GrafiCalc?

Users familiar with any CAD sketcher and spreadsheet operations can understand GrafiCalc principle of operations in minutes. Extensive tutorials and video training and knowledge-base modules are included - your expertise with the software will improve as you spend time with it.

What are GrafiCalc proven applications?

GrafiCalc technology is being used by thousands of engineers worldwide - following is partial list of proven application areas:

  • Automotive components design
  • Belt systems design
  • Boat and ship structure design
  • Calculation library development
  • Car seat mechanism design
  • Composites design
  • Conveyor system design
  • Create, manage, reuse, and share solution templates
  • Event driven machinery design
  • Farm machinery design
  • Fluid container design
  • Force vector diagrams
  • Forging calculations
  • Hand tools design
  • Heat transfer calculation
  • Hydraulics driven machinery design
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Layout analysis
  • Machine selection for manufacturing
  • Mining machinery design
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging machinery design
  • Paper machinery design
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Producibility analysis
  • Pump design
  • Steering mechanism design
  • Strength of materials analysis
  • Structural engineering
  • Supply chain manufacturing capability validation
  • Timing belt design
  • Valve design
  • Welding validation

How is GrafiCalc licensed?

Each license price includes perpetual license for use by one named user on two computers (work and home). In case the computer or the computing environment is changed, courtesy new license is issued to the named user.

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