Commercial Users

GrafiCalc 7.0 Price: $499 (Pay with credit card or PayPal – orders processed by PayPal secured server)
(USA Only)

Each license price includes:

  1. Never-expiring license for use by 1 named user on 2 computers (work and home)
  2. GrafiCalc 7.0 software (Download)
  3. Step-by-step tutorials (Download)
  4. Examples library (Download)
  5. Training videos (view online)
  6. Knowledge base videos (view online)
  7. Maintenance for current version
  8. Free worldwide technical support via the web

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Educational Users

GrafiCalc 7.0 is suitable for teaching and learning a wide range of mechanical engineering design disciplines including machine design, strength of materials, linkage & mechanisms, kinematics, mechatronics, control engineering, robotics, composites, tolerance analysis and more.

GrafiCalc 7.0 (same as commercial license) is available for $79 to students and educators.

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