Pre-Modeling Mechanical Engineering Workbench
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GrafiCalc® is groundbreaking software that helps users to conceptualize, analyze, and solve a wide range of mechanical engineering design challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy while making informed decisions in real time.

GrafiCalc enables you to bi-directionally associate constrained geometry and automated calculations in the same worksheet to capture the functional intents of the design challenge. Then you can interactively vary critical parameters in the digital prototype to ask and receive instantaneous engineering decision-support information leading to the most optimal solution.

GrafiCalc is especially effective in the early stages of product development for testing and validating the critical engineering parameters before committing to detailed design. Net results are higher quality innovative products that can be developed in significantly less time to perform as expected the very first time.

GrafiCalc can be used standalone and in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running any version of Windows.

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